has life forsaken me of emotions?

we were asked to think of the dearest person for us and tell them what we want to say. all of them cried, except for me.

have i grown heartless?

i hope not.


i feel guilty writing this blog instead of writing 6 articles for our community newspaper project in my journalism subject.

i just need an outlet for me to release the tension i’m feeling for the past 2 weeks… more or less..

i want to shout!

i want to get mad!

i want to cry!

i want to talk to that person asap and tell her why i’m mad at her!

i want her to tell us her problem with us!

i want her to act herself! because of all traits, changing one’s self for the sake of acceptance is what i hate the most! and she’s soooo damn good in it!!!

“stop pretending and start acting yourself!!!!”

I feel betrayed

we feel betrayed

i’m running out of patience

i am angry

i pity her

i feel sorry for her!!!

i’m mad at her!

we are mad at her!

what’s her reason for doing that?

what does she want to prove?

i thought i know her

we thought we know her

but we’re wrong

we thought she’s our friend

but i, myself realized that she’s just a waste of time!!!

she lied to us… she betrayed us…

we lost a person whom we thought to be our friend

i feel like i don’t want to trust her anymore…

this is the first time that i ever felt betrayed by a friend…

i’ve learned a lesson…

i’ve lost a friend…

good luck to her..

i don’t think i could treat her the same way as before..

—-those we’re the thoughts that have been running on my mind for the whole time.

i just want to know the reason why she did it. i don;t wat her friendship.. i want her reason..

shoutout to the people out there: everyone has his’her evil sides. it’s just that some people are good in hiding it for the sake of them having a lot of friends.

you could react if you like.

i just used this page to release this negative feeling.

sorry to the readers who got offended with this post. but not to the subjected person in this post.

Could a person get lost
in the eyes of a stranger?
And the way to get back
is to stop and surrender

what if you found the place
that you’ve long been lookin for?
But you found your way out
and can’t go back through that door?

**one way ride to a stranger’s life
you can’t go back once you’ve realized
that the place you’ve just gone
is the space meant for you all along

how far must we go on
just to find the right person?
How close should we must be
just to find out we’ve missed it?

But just when I found the way back
when I thought I can go back
I found my space outside the door
slowly fading on the floor


(wow! a record! it’s been a long time since i last blogged for a post. sorry, but there’s just a lot of school stuff to do- ’till now. really have to go…**cough, cough** yea i got sick.. it sucks…**cough, cough**)

“Ako’y natisod, natapilok, natisod, natapilok
Di maingat sa pagmamahal
Ako’y nadulas, umikot, nadulas, umikot
Di maingat sa pagmamahal”


Filipinos are known for our musical talents. Thanks to Charice Pempengco & Arnel Pineda(The journey band vocalist), we have proven to the world that we are worthy of that notion. We should be thankful that there are Filipinos out there who have the guts to represent our country and show them that we have a talent despite of the corruption, poverty and other national problems that we are encountering. But, is it enough to prove that we have talent? Are we worthy of having it?.

During the last quarters to the year 2008, songs like, umbrella, low and clumsy have been popular not only to the Filipinos but worldwide. In the Philippines, we often hear it along the roadside, mobiles, radios, and even watch them on TV. But due to it’s popularity, other foreign artists have done covers(versions), of the original songs. Artists who made their way to popularity through youtube such as Marie Digby, Boyce Avenue and Chris Cendana (a fellow Filipino), made their own versions of Umbrella by Rihanna. Mandy Moore, also made a cover of that song for Pepsi and can be seen/heard at yahoo! music. But, its not only the foreign artists who made covers of that song, Filipinos as well have their own versions of the popular songs. From the English laguage, Filipinos have translated the songs into our native tongue.

Payong, Low and Lampa, are examples of the popular foreign songs that are translated to Tagalog. Translated to the fact that it ruined the essence of the original songs. Some Filipinos liked it, some are annoyed and some people found it as funny. Whichever it is that we felt when we have heard the songs, it still boiled down to a single point and that is, unoriginality. We made a mistake of translating foreign songs to tagalog. Why? because, one, we have ruined the song. Two, we have immitated it, three, we have put our country into shame and four, we have lost our identiy and wasted our talents. It’s as if that we don’t use our head anymore. We often get ideas from other countries, adopt it and claim it as ours. It’s comparable to the remakes of the”novelas” of other countries. We’re making an image to our fellow countrymen and ot the world that we have lost our sense of originality and that we can’t compose/ make movies/novelas, without grabbing ideas from the works of other countries.

Talent is not enough. And in this world wherein a lot of people have vast talents. Distinction is much harder. We need to stand out. We need to show how we differ from the others. We need identity. If we keep on immitating other peole’s works then, how can we be known? How can we be worthy of the talents that are given to us? If we keep on immitating and getting ideas from other people, do you think we’ll stand out? We’ll just be compared and judged. We’ll be degraded. And if translating the songs to Tagalog is not immitating, can you tell me what it is? Can you prove to me that it is ORIGINAL? Is translating a form of originality?

Perhaps translating the songs have somehow helped us. But think of the image that we are creating to the world and most especially, to the Filipinos. Aren’t we ashamed of it?Maybe some people would say that what they did was not bad at all. In fact, they’re entertained by it. BUT is it still appropriate that we make fun of our own talents and works? Aren’t we degraded by it? Have we lost our pride or our sense of self?

If we ask ourselves, do we still have our own identity? Can we survive without the ideas of other countries? Filipinos are talented, and that is non debatable but, we’re not harnessing it. We’re too lazy to improve those abilities that might help our country and our economy. We’re not thinking outside of the box and let ourselves get out of our comfort zones. We want instant cash up to the point wherein we’re risking the quality of our products and abilities. And as a result, we end up having low class products. And that is why we are not progressing.

We cannot control the lives of the people behind it. Especially if it is the only way that they could earn money. If we really want to translate songs, we should translate the thought and not the words. That’s the law of “Pagsasaling-wika”. Not the words, but the thought. And maybe if they’ll do that, you could somehow prove me wrong.

note: This is just an opinion. You may agree with what i have said and you may not. I don’t intend to humiliate the people who excerted their efforts just to translate the songs. I’m speaking in general. And if ever i have offended anybody, well, sorry..^^,


it’s amazing how people could pretend
and act as if they don’t care
and how ironic could it possibly be
when we tell others “i’ll let you be free”?

it’s weird how people could say goodbye
and let them walk away from their lives
and then wake up the next day
and regret it for not making them stay

it hurts to hear people lie
just to get away from the situation
mislead people to make them happy
but let them live in fallacy

we know that sacrifice is a choice
we chose to lie, we chose to cry
we chose to live in vain and say goodbye
but we can’t hide what our heart’s true desire

Paghikab <!– @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } A:link { color: #0000ff } –>


Sa tuwing tayo ay nakakaramdam ng pagkaantok, pagkabato, pagkapagod o pag tayo’y nakakakita ng himuhikab, tayo ay napapahikab din. Ano nga ba ang nasa likod ng gawaing ito? bakit tayo humihikab? at bakit nakakahawa ang paghikab? Ano ang dahilan kung bakit tayo humihikab?

Ang paghikab ay isang imboulntaryo na gawain na kung saan ito’y hindi natin mapipigilan o makokontrol. Ang lahat ng tao ay humihikab, kahit ang mga hayop ay humihikab din. Sinasabing kahit ang mga batang nasa loob pa lamang ng sinapupunan ng magulang partikular sa mga sanggol na 11 linggo na ay nakakahikab na rin. At mas madalas daw na humihikab ang mga lalaki dahil sa mas marami silang muscles sa katawan na nangangailangan ng oxygen(Walter Smitson, propesor ng psychiatry and director of the Central Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati Medical Center). Ang pagtibok ng ating puso ay bumubilis ng 30% sa tuwing tayo ay humihikab. At ang normal na paghikab ay tumatagal lamang ng 6 na segundo. Sa tuwing tayo ay nakakaramdam ng pagkapagod o pagkabagot, ang ating paghinga ay nagiging iba sa ating normal na paghinga. Ito ay mas mabagal kaysa sa normal kaya naman ito ay nagdudulot ng pagkabawas o pagkakulang ng oxygen sa ating katawan. At sa teoryang ito, ayon naman kay Dr. George A. Bubenik, M.D., ng University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, ang paghikab ay nakakapagpadagdag ng supply ng oxygen at nakakapagpabawas ng carbon dioxide sa ating katawan. Ngunit hindi ibig sabihin na ang paghinga ng maraming oxygen ay nakakabawas ng ating paghikab. At hindi rin ibig sabihin na ang paghinga ng maraming carbon dioxide ay makakapagpadagdag ng ating paghikab. Maaaring sa ibang tao ay insulto para sa kanila ang paghikab ng ibang tao sa harap nila, ngunit ayon sa pag aaral, ang paghikab daw ay isang manipestasyon ng paggana ng utak ng tao na nagdudulot ng paginit nito. Kaya’t sa tuwing umiinit ito ay humihikab ang tao upang mapalamig ang ating utak. Ito rin ay nangyayari dahil sa mga neurotransmitters sa ating utak na nag cocontrol sa ating emosyon, pagkagutom, mood atbp. Mas maraming supply ng mga neurotransmitters, mas madalas tayo na hihikab.

Isa pang teorya ay ang paghikab daw ay isang uri ng paguunat. Pinapataas nito ang ating blood pressure at ang bilis ng pagtibok ng ating puso habang inuunat an gating panga at ang mga muscles at joints nito. Ang Surfactant, isang mistulang langis na bumabalot sa ating baga na tumutulong sa ating paghinga at tumutulong sa pag iwas sa pagguho ng ating baga ay isang substansya na ikinakalat sa ating baga sa pamamagitan ng paghikab. Kaya’t sinasabi sa teryang ito na ang pagpigil sa ating paghikab ay magdudulot ng kahirapan sa ating paghinga. Isa pang kagandahan sa paghikab ay ang pagpapalamig nito sa ating utak at ito ay ayon sa hypethesis ni Andrew C. Gallup at Gordon Gallup ng University of Albany(2007). Ito ay napatunayan nang sila ay gumawa ng isang experimento kung saan ang mga subjects ay binigyan at pinaglagay ng heat packs sa noo nila habang nanonood sila ng isang palabas ng mga taong humihikab. Ang mga subjects ay nakaramdam at nagpakita ng paghikab ng mas maraming beses kaysa sa noong sila ay naglagay naman ng cold packs sa kanilang noo. At upang maiwasan ang madalas na paghikab, ang paghinga sa pamamagitan ng ilong ay makakatulong dahil isa rin itong paraan ng pagpapalamig ng ating utak. Sinasabi rin na ang paghikab din ay nakakatulong sa regulasyon ng temperatura ng ating katawan.

Ang paghikab din daw ay nakakabagbalanse ang pressure sa ating ear drums. Nangyayari ito sa sandaling tayo ay humikab at nakarinig at naakramdam ng pagputok sa ating tenga na ang tanging taong humihikab lamang ang nakakarinig. Madalas itong mangyari pag tayo ay nasa mga lugar na matataas ang pressure gaya ng sa loob ng eroplano, sa kabundukan kapag tayo ay umaakyat at bumababa, na nagiging dahilan ng pagkatabingi ng ating ear drums sa halip na ito ay pantay o tuwid lamang.

Bakit nga ba nakakahawa ang paghikab? Kahit ang pagbabasa tungkol sa pahikab ay nakakahikab din…at 55% ng mga tao ang hihikab din makalipas ang 5 minuto matapos makakita ng ibang taong humihikab. Alam nyo ba ba ang mga bulag ay humihikab ng mas maraimng beses kapag nakakarinig ito ng audio tape ng mga humihikab? Ayon kay Catriona Morrison, isang lecturer ng sikolohiya sa University of Leeds, ang pagkahawa daw sa hikab ay isang uri ng pagpapakita ng “empathy” sa humihikab. Ibig sabihin, binibigyan nating halaga, simpatya o pag intindi ang nararamdaman ng isang humihikab na tao. Sa isang siyentipikong pagpapakahulgan, ang dahilan ng pagkahawa sa paghikab ay ang “mirror neurons”. Ang mirror neurons ay ang ating ginagamit sa paggaya sa gawain at ginagawa ng iba at sa pagkatuto o pagaaral ng mga lenggwahe. Ang hikab din daw ayon sa mga pagaaral ay isang uri ng “herd instinct” kung saan sa isang grupo ng mga hayop, ang paghikab ay isang paraan ng pagkakaisa sa nararamdaman nila gaya ng paghikab ng isang hayop sa harap ng kaniyang mga kasama upang maiparating niya sa iba ang pagkapagod na nararamdaman niya. Sa ganitong paraan, ang kanyang mga kasama ay hihikab din at makikiayon sa kanyang nararamdaman. Ayon din kay Gordon Gallup, ang nagsabing ang pagkihab ay isang paraan ng pagpapalamig ng utak, ang paghikab daw ay maaaring nagsimula sa nakaraan kung saan ang paghikab daw ay isang uri ng mensahe na may kaaway na paparating o may masamang mangyayari.

Ang paghikab sa mga hayop ay may iba-ibang gamit sa pakikipagkomunikasyon. Para sa mga Baboons, ito ay ginagawa upang takutin ang kanyang mga kaaway at inilalabas nya ang kanyang ngipin. Para naman sa mga Siamese Fighting Fish, hihikab lamang sila pag sila’y nakakita ng kanilang kaparehong lahi at minsan ay may kasama pang pag atake sa kanila. Ang mga Guinea Pigs naman, ang paghikab ay isang paraan ng pagpapakita ng kanilang galit at pagiging superyor. Sa mga Adelie Penguins, ang paghikab ay isang paraan ng panliligaw. Sa mga tao naman, ayon kay Walter Smitson isang propesor at dirktor ng Central Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, ang paghikab ay maaaring magpahayag ng di berbal na mensahe sa ating mga kasama o kausap. Humihikab din tayo kapag tayo ay nakakaramdam ng mga matitinding emosyon.

Ngunit kung may kagawian ang paghikab, mayroon din naming mga paniniwala tungkol dito. Sa mga Griego, ang paghikab daw ay hindi idinudulot ng pagkabagot kundi ito daw ay nangyayari dahil ang kaluluwa daw ng isang tao ay tumatakas sa ating katawan upang sumama sa mga panginoon sa langit. Ang iba pang paniniwala sa paghikab ay kapag hindi daw tinakluban an gating bibig sa paghikab ay maaaring pasukan ito ng demonyo at nakawin ang kaluluwa ng humihikab. Sa sinaunang sibilisasyon sa Maya, ang paghikab naman ay isang uri ng pagpapakita ng “subconscious sexual desires.” Sa Latin America, sa Kanlurang Asya, at sa Central Africa, ang paghikab daw ay isang produkto na may ibang nakakaalala sayo o ikaw ay pinaguusapan.

May mga masama ring naidudulot ang sobrang pahikab, at ito ay maaaring maging dahilan ng pagkakaroon ng vasovagal reaction na nagdudulot ng pagbagal ng pagtibok ng puso. Bababa ang blood pressure ngisang tao at mababawasan ang pagsupply ng dugo at sa halip na ang dugo ay magpunta sa sa ulo ay magpupunta ito sa mga binti. Isa pang karamdaman na maaaring maidulot ng labis na paghikab ay ang Aoritic Aneurism dahilan sa pagkakaroon ng highblood pressure at atherosclerosis o ang pagtigas ng arteries. Maaari itong mangyari sa dibdib at sa puson ng taong may karamdaman. Ito ay nangyayari kapag nagkaroon ng punit ang aorta at sa paglaki ng punit na ito ay ang part eng aorta na kung saan hindi dumadaloy ang dudo ay mapupuno at maaaring maitulak ang mga sanga ng ng aorta. Maituturing na sintomas sa mga karamdamang nabanggit ay ang labis na paghikab kasabay ang labis na pagtulog sa umaga.


Jose P <!– @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } A:link { color: #0000ff } –>

After Jose P. Laurel’s arrival from Yale University, he was then elected as the Undersecretary of Interior Department and was promoted as the secretary of interior in 1922. He resigned in 1923 along with the other cabinet officials who favored him in the Ray Conley case when he had a conflict with the American Governor Leonard Wood. Laurel was elected as an assemblyman and as the member of the senate in 1925. He served for a term and then lost his position in 1931 in favor of Claro M. Recto. He lived his private life for some years and then on 1935, he was elected as a delegate to the 1935 Constitutional Convention and was hailed as one of the “Seven Wise Men of the Convention”. He single-handedly revised the Bill of Rights and this was also the time when the Commonwealth Government was established. And in February 29, 1936, Jose P. Laurel was appointed as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and became one of the most important Supreme Court justices in the Philippines. Angara v. Electoral Commission, 63 Phil. 139 (1936)– the most important contribution of laurel to jurisprudence and to the rule of law in the country states that the court has the authority to review the rulings of the Electoral Commission organized under the National Assembly. He also stressed out that the Philippine courts have the power to interpret the constitution and also to review the legality of the acts of the other branches of the government. Ang Tibay v. CIR, 69 Phil. 635 (1940)-states that administrative agencies are more flexible than in judicial proceedings. Also this case also paved way through the practice of the “cardinal primary rights” as the standard in testing due process claims in administrative cases. Calalang v. Williams, 70 Phil. 726 (1940)– is another case that banned the Kalesas at certain times during afternoon at Manila despite of the protest of others that it violates the Social justice.

In 1938, Jose P. Laurel received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Tokyo International University. This made Laurel and the Japanese forces to be in good terms and ordered him by the Japanese Imperial Army to establish a provisional government when they arrived and stayed in the Philippines during the world war 2. In Mandaluyong, on June 5, 1943 at wack wack golfcourse, Laurel was rushe to the Philippine General Hospital because he was shot 4 times by a 45 caliber pistol near his heart and liver and luckily had a fast recovery. The Kempetai and Feliciano Lizardo were the primary suspects of the incident. October, 1943, Laurel became the President as elected by the National Assembly. Food shortages and Filipinas being raped became prominent during his term. KALIBAPI (Kapisanan sa Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas or Association for the Services of the New Philippines) in 1944 was attempted to but organized but was unfortunately not supported by the women leaders.

August 15, 1945, Laurel was arrested for Collaboration with the Japanese and was charged with 132 counts of treason. This was ordered by Gen. Douglas McArthur but Laurel Gained an amnesty because of President Manuel Roxas in 1948. In year 1949 wherein the dirtiest election occurred, Laurel ran for the position as president and lost against Elpidio Quirino. Under the Nationalista Party, he was elected to the senate in 1951. In 1953, he declined to run as president and then he was appointed by Magsaysay in a mission for trade and other issues with the U.S. officials (Laurel-Langley Agreement)


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